• Gurteen College farms clean energy on campus

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    Gurteen College - Showcase

  • Community Feed-in Tariff project for Guysborough

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    Municipality of the District of Guysborough - Three AOC 15/50 wind turbines in Goldboro, Nova Scotia

  • World leading manufacturer of AOC 15/50 small wind turbines

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    AOC 15/50 Wind Turbine

  • Colchester-Cumberland Wind Field – Spiddle Hill

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    Spiddle Hill - Two AOC 15/50's on Spiddle Hill

  • Community-based wind investment opportunities in Nova Scotia

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    Community-based wind investment opportunities in Nova Scotia

Recognizing 20 years of projects delivered worldwide

Clean and renewable

Seaforth Energy is proven, clean, renewable energy. For more than 20 years, we have been manufacturing, installing and maintaining the AOC 15/50 wind turbine for clients worldwide, in some of the harshest climates on earth.

As the world’s demand for energy grows, we are more committed than ever to helping our customers produce clean wind energy for their businesses and communities. From initial discovery, to routine maintenance, our people and products are proven.

AOC 15/50 wind turbine

Seaforth Energy manufactures the AOC 15/50 wind turbine, boasting the world’s largest installed fleet and the most operating years in the 50 kW wind class.

Owing to this heritage, our team has gained expertise in every aspect of wind project development and turbine operations.

Find out more about our 50kW customers and projects.

Clean green energy is our driver

Regardless of where we are in the world, or the scope of the project, one goal remains constant: how can we better create clean, green energy? Simply put, it’s what drives us to manufacture smarter, design and integrate better, and attract and retain the best expertise available.