How to Get Whiter Teeth Fast

Clareamento-Dental-FamososA smile is the most noticed element in a human being. Bright white teeth indicate beauty and health.Many people desire white teeth.They
will spend billions in products purchased from pharmaceuticals or by use of natural remedies. The different shade of color on teeth is used as a motivating factor. It determines the state of happiness of an individual and is good in building self-esteem. Teeth get darker with
increase in age.It is imperative to consider ways to strengthen the enamel and the dental structure.

There are many whitening products such as toothpastes strips and creams made for this purpose. It is vital to know which method works.Carbamide peroxide is the best known curative for discolored teeth.Peroxide releases whitening oxygen molecules. A high concentration of Carbamide peroxide results in a greater release of oxygen on the teeth. The time of contact is important when whitening teeth. The whitening gel with the peroxide should have a considerable time period in the mouth to facilitate bleaching activity.

A mixture of baking soda and a paste of lemon juice are also essential in whitening. The soda has abrasive qualities. It gently scrubs all
stains that are found on the surface of the teeth.The alkaline nature of the baking soda helps to balance the pH of the mouth.The lemon
juice is acidic. Acid works on the enamel and makes it susceptible to activity by the soda.Soda reduces the lemon’s acid content thus
introducing a bleaching activity. Water can be used instead of lemon juice.

teeth-whiteningStrawberry can also be used to whiten yellow teeth. Vitamin C is richly found in strawberries. Vitamin C is a strong agent against
plaque due to its acid content. Surface stains that are yellow in color are an indicator of stain. To get the desired effect, strawberry
paste should be mixed with salt. The salt gives the paste an abrasive feature that works against the stains. Baking soda can be mixed with this paste to ensure maximum activity.

Coconut oil is also effective in whitening teeth fast.The oil contains a special chemical known as lauric acid.This acid destroys
bacteria that are inherent in plaque-infested teeth.The oil promotes healthy gums. Apart from whitening teeth, coconut oil also promote
fresh breathe. These remedies are healthy and effective.Their frequent use helps to produce a constant supply of freshness and
plaque-combating features to the teeth. Products such as alcohol,cigarettes and wine should be avoided to bring out the best results.